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As it happened I was able to obtain a privileged up close view of the controversial sinking of the ex HMAS Adelaide off Avoca Beach, Central Coast of NSW in April 2011.  The following photographs take us through the final moments of this gallant vessel to its ultimate destiny as a dive site off this popular Central Coast beach.

224 -DAWN PATROL prior to the sinking

Dawn on the day of the sinking

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211 DAWN LABOUR on the Adelaide

Evidence of work still taking place.

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212 - Ex HMAS ADELAIDE waits

View of starboard side of ex HMAS Adelaide.

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213 - AN AMAZING DIVE SITE- Avoca Beach, NSW, Australia

A dive site - Ex HMAS Adelaide set stark against the backdrop of the Central Coast.

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214 - PATROLLING the ex HMAS ADELAIDE Avoca Beach, NSW, Australia

Police and security patrols off the Central Coast of NSW.

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217 - THE END IS NEAR, Avoca Beach, NSW Australia

The end is near for HMAS Adelaide

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