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A LIST OF OUR MOST RECENT AWARDS ! A very exciting time for us. This was our first entry into Photographic Awards and we were thrilled that all seven of our entries received awards. Then to have Standley Chasm (N0 141) accepted for The Maitland International Salon just topped of a great start to 2010.

Another 12 photographs have received awards early in 2011 !!


Somewhere off the coast !!!! That's how the locals decribe it - but more specifically we'd say - "laid back, friendly, historical and stunningly beautiful".  The World Heritage listed Lord Howe Island is located some 600km off the coast of NSW.  It is approximately 10k x 2k and a tourists(and particularly a photographers) paradise.  We were fortunate enough to spend 2 weeks there in 2010 and the following is just a few of the hundreds of our photographs from this paradise.


Our Coastline series present many of the most beautiful spots we have encountered - The pristine coast of Western Australia, beautiful beaches of New South Wales and Queensland, The Victorian coast, particularly The Great Ocean Road and the rugged and beautiful Nullabour and South Australian coastline, and several Lighthouses along the way.


Often when photographs are submitted for judgement the comments are "not another sunset" - but why not! It is often one of the most spectacular moments of the day, and when combined with an interplay of clouds or twilight colours the scene can stop you in your tracks. And then there is the opportunity to see the sun setting over mountains, or into the sea (watch for the fabled green flash!) and it can be truly fabulous. And then there are the sunrises... and they are even better!!!


What a fantastic subject these structures are! And they all tell their own individual stories. They have always been a favourite of ours and we look forward to extending this category.


Our favourite category! There is nothing quite so awesome as watching a full moon appear, just at the right time - at dusk- complimented with the magic colours of the sunset. You are lucky to catch it more than a few times a year - but when it happens it makes all the effort worth while. Moonsets, particularly in areas of Australia where it sets into the water, together with the dawns early colours are fabulous! As an added bonus you usually have it all to yourself.


Our visits to this region have been the most produced some of our finest photographic works. Ningaloo Reef and the Exmouth are a photographers dream come true! We trust you too will enjoy this part of our journey. engaging


The photography in this series displays many of Australias icons, such as Uluru and The Olgas. Also images of our beautiful gorges and rivers, many of them taken with a more unusual aspect.


The stunning Central Coast of NSW is situated just North of Sydney and extends to The Hunter Region. Magnificent beaches, Broken Bay and The Hawkesbury River lakes such as Brisbane Water & Tuggerah,Lake Macquarie and the hinterland. The Ranges of Mangrove Mountain stretching to The Watagans , this area has it all!